Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Hook Up: You be the judge

I finally let a friend set me up. TStar is a coworker of a good friend of mine and she wasted no time in setting me up with him after finding out that I might be open to it. Actually, she previously tried to hook me up with a strange man in a bar but I told her not to do that again. Now she had the green light and didn’t want to waste a moment.

It was his 2nd day on the job and she had already given him my stats and asked if he was interested. After we swapped pictures and my friend gave me his rundown, we exchanged information.

TStar was nothing I would have picked for myself because everything I said I didn’t want he possessed: a child from a previous relationship (baby momma drama he hid from my friend,) he was height challenged (1-inch shorter than me) and was losing his apartment within the next month. (no place of his own.) I will give my friend credit because he hid those things (except the height) during her interrogation.

There was nothing spectacular to report about our first date so I didn’t feel the need to blog. Yes, there was a mutual physical attraction, but I wasn’t impressed by our conversation. We spoke the night before for a few hours, but seeing him in person brought up some unappealing habits. Even with that, I went on date two. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t jumping the gun on cutting him off.

I met him at his house and we decided to take one car. First thing I noticed is that he wasn’t prepared. Before we even got to his car, TStar asked me if I had cash to pay for parking because he didn’t have any. Parking in LA is an easy dub. I couldn’t believe that before we had left his house he was already asking me to my spend money. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem paying for things, but it has to be my choice, I refuse to be told.

I agreed to pay for parking before I realized I didn’t have any cash. I usually carry cash but I had gone out the night before and spent it on shots of cranberry. At this point I figured TStar would go to his bank and withdraw the proper funds but instead he told me he didn’t know if he could and asked what bank I used.

Really?!?! (Someone please tell me where the BET Hell Date cameras are right now!)

Without going into too much more detail, because I an still in disbelief about the date, here are a few other red flags I noticed.

Foul mouth – TStar repeatedly raised his voice and cursed when he saw the price of parking. I cannot stand a man with a foul mouth. I can deal with an occasional curse word but I felt TStar thought he was trying out for the cursing Olympics with the language he used.

Cheap ass – He attempted to park 4 blocks away from the place we were going. Uh hem, excuse me. You want me to walk my cute butt 4 blocks in the middle of the freezing night, I think not. The only reason we parked closer was because we found discount parking.

Proud to be a cheap ass – He asked the parking attendant for his money back. I’m not kidding, this really happened. After we parked in the 10 dollar lot, we went to the bowling alley and there was a 2 hour wait. I knew I didn’t want to be around him for that long so I said I didn’t want to wait. We went back to the parking lot to get his car and leave and he began to bargain with the parking attendant. TStar let the attendant know that he was only here for 10 minutes and that he should get his money back. Although he didn’t get a full refund, he did walk away with 5 dollars that he was very pleased with and proud of.

Lacked chivalry – When we met at his house he didn’t open my door or any door for that matter. He would run in first and hold the door long enough for it not to bump me in my ass. At the movie theater, he didn’t ask me to pay for things he told me I had two options. Pay for the ticket or the refreshments and popcorn. I told him he could pay for the tickets and that I didn’t need any popcorn or soft drinks. Not sure how it happened, but he got a drink out of me.

Too forward – I won’t even get into what he said, but sexual comments on a second date are not cool with me. Relax and take a minute to get to know me. Can you even tell me my last name while you’re making comments like that? This is why I drive my own car.

In Denial – He called his baby momma crazy and insinuated that she was a slut for having 4 baby daddies. Partna, don’t you know you are one of them. What does that make you?

I could go on and on, but I’m still too shocked. All of that happened on just one date. I spent the entire night waiting for the little black man in a red devil's suit to jump out and scream "HELL DATE!" It never happened. I wasn't on a reality show, this was actually my date.

Obviously I won't be going out with him again but the question is: Will I let a friend hook me up again?

Well the verdict is in….maybe. Surprising right? I’m an optimistic person so I’m trying to stay positive and believe that this didn’t work out because, well it didn’t. But that it doesn’t mean that a hook up couldn’t.

Should I try this again?


ShAy~SHaY said...

wow that seemed like hell date to me. smh but glad to see your still open to being set up again

Silent Scorpion said...

Yeah I'm still open to it. My friend could not have predicted this happening so I don't blame her.