Friday, October 10, 2008

Tired of Kissing Frogs: A Second Chance

Since Texas came back into the picture, occasionally I find myself imagining what might have been. I am resolute in giving him another chance, so that I don’t find myself wondering, ‘What if’ later on. Previously I informed him that I would be coming to visit soon. I cleared a few dates with him first then I bought my plane ticket. This spontaneous escapade is completely out of my character and I think that is what makes it that more thrilling to me. I don’t want go there with any rules. I’ve been living my life according to my long list for far too long now. I never allowed myself to really experience life and enjoy the present. I am a beautiful, intelligent, single young lady. Where was it written that I can’t drop everything for a moment and just getaway?

I didn’t want too much time to pass between our first contact and this impromptu excursion so I leave for Dallas, TX next week. I told myself this was an early birthday present in order to ease the guilt of spending such a large lump of cash on such an impulsive splurge.

With the trip rapidly approaching I’ve spent a lot of time fantasizing about the events that may occur. I know Texas to be a very sincere, sweet, attentive man. I am both jubilant and nervous because I know that he will make this trip very memorable and will leave me wanting more. He has already planned to take me to an Eric Benet/Dwele concert my first full night there. R&B/Soul music has always been something I have truly enjoyed listening to; it has always brought tranquility to a life that is sometimes engulfed in turmoil. To this day, I blast R&B and Neo Soul on my way to the club.

Whereas my friends listen to rap and hip hop to get pumped for the nights adventures, all 6 of my CDs in disc changer are filled with the melodic beats of Jill Scott, Raheem Devaughn and Musiq Souldchild. I am especially fond of live concerts but I haven’t had the opportunity to attend them as much as I would like. Whenever I talk to Texas, our conversations always touch on the point of music. At this moment we both share the same favorite song by MIA. I was singing the tune in my head one evening we were talking. While we were talking, Texas said that he wanted me to hear his anthem and he turned up his CD player. To my surprise, the song he was referring to was the same song I had been singing in my head all night. This is just one of the passions I am aware of that Texas and I share. This side of him was something that initially attracted me to him and now I will get to experience it for 5 lovely days.

At our first meeting, I could tell Texas was a southern gentleman. He tried his best to make sure my every desire was met. Texas was truly interested in getting to know me and I remember finding myself wanting to be physical with him instantly. I had to restrain myself during our last day together because I wanted to give myself to him right then. I know I haven’t seen this man in 2 years but the chemistry is definitely still there. Our conversations flow a lot smoother than I remember and his voice is much deeper than I recall as well, which I love. I am not expecting too much from this trip other than a chance to spend time with Texas in his own setting.

I am impatiently counting down the days…7 more to go…

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