Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Second Chance: Rough Patch

The next morning I woke up, late in the morning again. Texas was up studying with his laptop open and eyes glued to his books. I wanted to make up for the night before so I decided to prepare breakfast. Now cooking has never been one of my strongest points, but breakfast is something that I am pretty good at. I said good morning to him as I walked straight from the bedroom to the kitchen. I pulled out eggs, pancake batter, sausage links and hash browns and got to work making a delicious breakfast. Texas thanked me for the meal and he wanted to thank me for it by taking me out. Texas thought the movies was a good idea for this beautiful Sunday afternoon. I could tell that things hadn’t really gotten better from the night before but I kept it moving. Instead of bringing up my concerns to him, I sent angry messages to my girls. How could he be so lukewarm to me when we were on such a limited schedule?

This was supposed to be a romantic weekend with Texas, a guy I really liked. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be any sparks. I had fun when I was with him but something was missing. Instead of voicing my concerns, I laid the sarcasm on him a little more than usual while we watched Sunday Football. I was trying to get some kind of reaction out of him but I continued with no avail. Texas didn’t seem to mind my jokes, which egged me on even more. From that moment, I regarded him as my homeboy and treated him as such. We playfully argued like long time buddies while watching the game. Texas knew I wanted to get out and enjoy more of Dallas and he suggested we catch a mid-afternoon flick but we couldn’t agree on anything. Texas is such a guy’s guy; he wanted to see any movie where something or someone got blown up. I on the other hand, being the girly girl that I am, wanted to see a chick flick. We compromised on seeing Eagle Eye. I think Shia LaBeouf is a cutie so I had my eye candy and I knew something got blown up somewhere in there so he could be secure with his masculinity.

On the drive home, he asked if I minded stopping for a bit by the local lake. How romantic, the sun was just starting to set and the air was crisp, so I knew it would be a beautiful setting so I agreed. We pulled next to the lake and I quickly wrapped myself in his arms. Texas and I had effortless conversation for about an hour while we watched the sun set. Even in this beautiful setting I could tell that Texas was holding back from me. Tired of trying I found myself silent on the way home.

When we got back to his place Texas made us dinner. I sat in the living room watching football while he slaved over a hot stove. This was a perfect evening in my mind. We sat in the living room watching TV while occasionally exchanging words. Somewhere between the Cowboys scoring a touchdown and me ingesting my tacos I fell asleep. When I awoke Texas was knocked out in his bedroom. I snuggled up next to him and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to Texas studying, again. Seeing him so focused was definitely making me like him more. I’ve always found ambition and drive very attractive and a trait that any man I was going to date would have to have.

Texas had already planned our trip to the Fort Worth Zoo so off we went. It seemed that everything in Dallas was an hour ride from where he stayed and I ended up falling asleep on the way there. We still weren’t on the best terms but we made the best of the situation. We joked throughout the zoo and played around like kids. It was a lot of fun being with him there but I was starting to think that he wasn’t interested in me on any other level other than friendship. I continued not to say anything and we made our way back home.

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