Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Second Chance: Time to Stunt

After he packed everything into his car, we jumped in and were on our way. Prior to his arrival I mentioned repeatedly that I was starving from the flight. In my mind it was only 8 o’clock and definitely not too late to grab a bite to eat so we stopped at Chili’s before heading to his place. We used our time there to catch up. Although we had numerous phone conversations prior to my coming, we hadn’t really taken the time to really find out about each others current passions.

During our conversation, Texas told me that he really wanted to reconnect with his family. He feels that things are going okay with him when it comes to school and work but that there is still something missing from his life and it was his family connection. Texas always caught me as a very family oriented person so it was hard to fathom the idea that he didn’t speak to his family on a regular basis. He went into the breakdown of his family structure and things became clearer. Texas’ parents were from different parts of the US and had met in DC. They married and had one child together, Texas. After the divorce he moved to Vegas with his mother and that’s where he spent most of his time developing as a young man. We continued to discuss our backgrounds and goals for our future and I felt like he was truly opening up to me. If this was any sign of our days to come, then I was excited. We finished dinner and went back to what would be my home for the next 4 nights.

As soon as I walked in, I was struck by the calming scents of Vanilla in the air. I looked around and noticed that Texas kept his place in great condition, better than I kept my own home. This was not at all what I expected from a bachelor in a big city but I was definitely impressed. The sight of his tidy place made me want to immediately run home and put some things in order. Texas took my bag to his room and went got ready for the next days adventures.

I didn’t get out of bed until noon so I missed a beautiful morning in Dallas. We spent the next afternoon at the grocery store. I somehow had unconsciously volunteered to make him dinner in a previous conversation and he decided to take me up on my offer. I had never cooked for a man so I wanted this to be special. I went through the grocery picking up every ingredient I could for a mouth watering meal. I wanted something that would both leave him wanting more but at the same time wouldn’t take too long to prepare. I finally decided on my special herb crusted baked chicken and steamed vegetables with a fresh homemade salad. Simple and tasty. During our entire time at the grocery store, Texas wanted to make sure that I got everything I wanted. He didn’t look at our cart or worry about how much he was spending; he just wanted to make sure that I was happy and prepared. And that made me feel special.

The sun had set on Dallas and it was time for us to prepare for the concert. I was so excited to see Eric Benet and Dwele in concert and loved that this was a passion that both of us shared. I didn’t have to be ashamed that I loved ‘bathtub’ music with him. We were both ‘old heads’ at heart and I loved it! I wanted to use this outing as an opportunity to show Texas what he had been missing all this time. Texas knew I liked to dance and he suggested that we go out after the concert since it would end so early. So I needed an outfit that could accommodate both events. The week prior to my trip, I went shopping for my outfit. I knew that it had to be classy, because Texas was a bit reserved at times and so was I, but cut in a way that showed off all of my voluptuous curves. I was thrilled when found this short vanilla scoop neck dress. As soon as I tried it on I knew that this was the one. It accentuated every curve in my body and created more in other places I knew his eye would catch through out the night.

After we watched the last of Saturday College Football, which I love, I jumped in the shower and began to get ready for the night. Underneath my dress I put on some sexy matching lingerie from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Although I knew he wouldn’t be seeing this lingerie at the end of the night, wearing it made me feel sexy and that gave me even more confidence. While I dressed, Texas, being the gentleman that he was, stayed in the living room watching football. I grabbed my short designer purple trench coat, which happened to hang lower than my dress and threw on some pumps and we were on our way.

When we arrived we ran to our seats when we realized that Dwele had already begun his performance. We were nodding our heads to his slow rhythms when Texas decided to help me out of my coat. Without warning Texas unbuttoned my jacket and pulled it off my shoulders while continuing to nod his head to the music. I didn’t skip a beat as well and was more than willing to happily oblige. Texas didn’t have to say a word; I knew that he saw the looks from men when we walked in. He wanted to make sure every man saw all of me and what they weren’t going to have. He laid my coat behind me and we continued to groove. When Eric Benet hit the stage he continued I found myself wanted to skip the remainder of the concert and go straight back to Texas’ house. A desire I kept quietly to myself. I figured I had another 3 nights and that it could wait if it were meant to happen.

Following the concert we hit the streets of downtown Dallas. The streets were packed with young party goers as we made our way to the club. All of the hotspots were located Downtown so the concert venue and club were only 15 minutes apart. After seeing some of the women in streets I knew I looked different which made me sashay my full hips that much more when I walked throughout the night.

Without hesitation Texas pulled right up to valet in front of the night club. As soon as we he stopped the car all, eyes turned to us and I loved the attention. I asked Texas if I should take my coat in and he told me I wouldn’t need it. So I stepped out of the car, legs first and adjusted my short dress. I could feel people’s eyes watching us walk and it made me show off a little more. So I did. We walked to the front of the line and heads continued to turn our way. Texas grabbed hold of my hand in a way that showed every man who was looking that I was his woman and lead me to the entrance. He stopped said hi to a guy he knew and we walked in. It was already late in the evening when we arrived at the club but the place wasn’t too packed. Which was a good thing because I was able to dance to the music without sweating out my fresh do. Texas saw another friend and spoke to him without introducing me, AGAIN.

Immediately after Dallas left my side to go to the restroom, one guy made his approach. He asked for my name and I played into his conversation. I figured I’m not officially attached to Texas so I was free to talk to whomever. But this guy had no game and I was quickly disinterested. Texas hit the corner and saw what was going on but he made no moves. I think I was a bit annoyed at this point that he didn’t come over and mark his territory. I recalled the events that had just occurred and was instantly annoyed. Why didn’t he introduce me to his friends? I just stood there by his side like a little puppy. Then, after I tried to dance with him, he got tired after one song and said he wanted to chill.

Being the vindictive person that I am, I decided to pout the rest of the night. I didn’t let it damper my mood but I tried to do it in a way he would notice. Texas wasn’t into dancing and I already knew that so I used it to my advantage. I made sure I stepped away from him while I danced. I stayed close enough so no other man would approach me but far enough away to make him feel my disappointment. How can you bring me to a club and not dance? That’s not my style at all. When I hear music I can’t control the way my hips sway side to side. I know Texas could feel the tension but he didn’t say a word. For the next two hours I danced and he watched. At one point he danced with me but something wasn't right. We barely spoke the rest of the night and that began the rough patch of my trip.

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