Friday, July 9, 2010

Would You Date Yourself?

Yesterday's post reminded me about all of the inconsistent standards and requirements people have for their potential mate. Men don't want women with too much mileage when they are admittedly chopping down more women than Weezy F Baby. Men want women who are built like Nicki Minaj while they look like Rick Ross and their only work out includes picking up donuts and inserting into their mouths on a daily. (Post about this coming soon.) They want a young version of the model/mogul Tyra while their asses have bill collectors stored in their phones under 'I Aint Gotcha Money." The question I want to pose is simple: Would you date yourself? This question applies to both males and females.

I think its important that we understand what we offer before we can demand something from anyone else. You can amend the question to fit every part of your life.

Would you be your friend? Some of yall less reliable than a Diddy contract.

Would you kiss yourself? If people stand at least an arm distance away from you to have a conversation, you'd have a hard time tasting your own halitosis.

The list could on for days. My point is it’s easy to create a list of potential traits we want our mates to bring to the table but we should first evaluate what, if anything, we bring. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and were able to pass your own requirements? Do you think its fair to require something of someone else that you yourself aren't even close to possessing? If you can’t write down the things you bring to the table and say you would date yourself, maybe you should make some changes to both your list (I say burn the damn list) and yourself.

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