Friday, July 2, 2010

Dating Rule #16: No Looking Back

Although I’m supposed to stop dissecting conversations I have with the opposite sex (self imposed hiatus,) it’salmost second nature and sometimes I can’t help it. Trying to put together subtle comments is like a puzzle I can’t put away before bedtime. I need all the pieces to fit together so I can marvel at my masterpiece. I was having a random conversation with a guy I’m not dating. If you notice I seem to have a lot of these types of conversations for one of two reasons. They catch me when I’m sitting down doing nothing and I don’t mind killing time or I actually like talking to them but know for one reason or another even though our paths aren’t destined to end with one each other.

Throughout our two-hour long conversation with said gentleman, he made a couple of statements that made me question the purpose of his phone call. First, he started off with the predictable, ‘How have you been?’ That led us into a 30 minute conversation on mostly his life. He’s a talker and I’m a really good listener. Further into the exchange (used loosely) we got into talks about future career plans and where he wants to be. Again, I listened he continued sharing.

Basically he has taken a step back from women and dating. I guess that would explain why he called me. I feel like I’m his comfort zone. He knows he can call me and I’ll listen. Three comments stood out and are the basis of this post. (Sorry I’m so long winded today, I’m trying to avoid actually working at work.)

1. He’s going to be home all weekend.
2. For the 4th of July he’ll be at the park watching fireworks alone.
3. He’ll be without a car so….(this isn't the same situation as Youngin. This guy is normally mobile.)

I guess at this point I was supposed to invite myself over for the upcoming weekend. Taking our history into account, I’m sure that’s what he expected. When I told him goodnight without doing so, he sounded a bit confused. I don’t want to go backwards in dating. I’m moving full speed ahead without looking back.

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