Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guest Blogger: Empty Pockets

I’ve been dating this guy for the past several weeks and things have been going great. I hadn’t noticed until recently that our dating consisted solely of me going to his house and kicking it with him and his friends. One night I brought this situation to his attention and we agreed that we should go out.

So we did.


Then everything reverted back to house kick its.

The weekend was approaching and I asked him what we were going to do. His response, “I can’t take you out this week but I’m kind of short. Maybe next paycheck.” My ear cringed. How lazy could you possibly get? I’d rather a man take me for a nice picnic in the park or go for a long walk on the beach, then to tell me about what was not in his account. Both require little to no planning but just a little bit of effort. Is that asking for too much?

Since when is it okay for a man to fix their mouth to expose their financial situation in such a blunt and embarrassing manner. It’s clear to me that he thinks its okay to tell me our dates will be based on the amount of bills in his wallet. Ladies, if a man ever feels the need to utter such words, hang up the phone. It’s obvious that he is too lazy to even put his mind to trying to figure out something that you and he would both enjoy that is not expensive. How about this, use the brain that GOD gave you and figure it out.

Submitted by A.B.C. Analyst aka My Lil Sis

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