Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Telling It Like It Is: Why Are We Single?

Just a few minutes ago I was having a conversation on Google Chat with one of my girlfriends (hey boo!) and she asked the question we've been asking back and forth for some months now.

Usually I reply with "idk" but today was different. I can be pretty blunt with other people so it's time I was real with myself and her:

i want to say idk
but I wont
we're single because we don't put ourselves out there
because we're waiting for prince charming instead of taking him
we ignore what's infront of us and wait for something "better"
we give our precious time to ninjas who don't deserve a second glance
even when we know they aint 
shit [ninjas]
we make excuses for harboring feelings for our exes who should have been forgotten a long time ago
we aren't victims of anything but ourselves
drops mic
 The question is now that I've put it all out there, what am I going to do differently.

It's time for a CHANGE...stay tuned

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