Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LA Girl In The City: Month 1

Time flies whether or not you are or are not having fun. Luckily for me, the last few weeks in the city have been amazing. Before I can talk about the good, let me rewind to some of the hardships.

1. New York Rental is one of the toughest jungles I've had to conquer thus far. After swallowing my pride and draining my winter shopping money, I decided to pay someone else (a broker) to do the work for me. I'm glad to report I now have a cute studio in apartment in Harlem.

2. New York and my hair do not mix. Not one bit. During my second week here, I walked to the closest beauty salon and asked if there was anyone who could straighten my hair. When I found out the beautician used a press and comb, I jumped for joy. (Inside only of course.) At the beginning to the appointment all was well and I was so optimistic, but by the end, I wanted to take the hot comb and burn her hands. Never again. Next up was my Dominican blowout. Everything was fine in the shop, I thought I had found my alternative to doing my hair myself. The humidity had different plans. As soon as I made it to my destination, the middle of my hair had turned into this puff ball of a mess. I was not pleased. I will most likely be doing my own hair from now on.

3. New Yorkers are some of the rudest people I have ever met. I've been told by a smart friend (sarcasm) that you can find rude people anywhere. Well it doesn't take Einstein to state that simple fact. I was mainly referring to nuainces I've noticed on a daily basis. For example the poor customer service, lack of personal space given (that damn subway) and the amount of selfishness observed is rampant. It took almost 3 weeks before someone told me "God Bless you" after I sneezed. I was so shocked when they did. Almost as shocked as people are when I say hello. I'm either met with silence or a shocked face and a hesitant reply. I've already been told by several strangers (mostly men) that they could immediately tell I wasn't from here because I'm too pleasant in my "I don't want to talk to you," replies. Their recognition of my jubilance is something I take as a compliment and hope to maintain for the remainder of my time here.

4. East Coasters are some of the most generous people I have ever met. I know. Take a moment. Sounds a bit contradictory doesn't it? Its not. I'm learning that a lot of extremes exist here. Either people are nice or there not. Luckily for me, I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the positive extremes as well. This fact has turned my entire view of the city around. For one, I've had several friends visit me before school starts so I feel pretty adjusted to my surroundings. I'd like to thank Twitter for providing me with a forum to turn my online friendships into real life ones. I never thought folks I didn't previously know, would turn out to be so helpful. From @SlimJackson's convenience tips to @BrazenlyVirile's overall dopeness. Between his inherent chivalry and desire to just be a good friend, I have finally started enjoying the city. He's been my wingman for everything and for that I say thank you. Again. I told you I only use premium gas.

Welp that about sums up the first month in city. I am so happy that I dropped everything and moved. I had been contemplating this change for a long time. There was just something in me that knew LA wasn't the place I should be. I've been blessed with the opportunity to meet some great people, attend fabulous event and make some lasting memories. Although the experience alone is priceless, school is not. On that note I must get some shut eye.

Tomorrow is my first day of class, so once I'm done ironing my first day of school outfit, I'm turning off the lights. WISH ME LUCK!


biggerthomas said...

good luck on your first day. are you going to wake up extra early to look at your outfit again?

lol i see the premium gas? you're far too kind. :) and you're pretty dope yourself.

Silent Scorpion said...

Thanks. Depends on my nerves...I'm still reading this VSB book so I'll need the jaws of life to make sure I go to sleep on time.

Oh and thanks

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