Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Re: Over at IHTWYEC

After reading Grace's post I posed a question on twitter about titles in relationships.

Silent Question: Do people still use the title Boyfriend/Girlfriend or has the formality died? I was going to oppose Grace's post and this question myself but I felt that the opinion of the married woman @SeasonSays held more weight. Plus she said all the things I wanted to say in several 140 character or less messages:

The formality of BF/GF has definitely NOT passed. People just like to redefine things to mask real issues such as commitment problems. The chances of going from friends, boo's, dates, etc to fiance then spouse is slim if you can't even call each other BF/GF. I know the BF/GF title seems so outdated but shit so does WIFE and HUSBAND. At the end of the day though, people complicate things that really shouldn't be.

If a guy likes you he calls you, when he likes you even more he makes you his girlfriend, when he loves you and can't live without you he makes you his wife. If a man can barely pick up the phone or spend time with your ass, he don't like you period. If a man takes up all your time and doesn't want you dating anyone else but won't make you his girlfriend, he don't like you THAT much. If you can't get past that point? Shiiiit, need I say more??? But hey, I'm a hopeless hopeless.....penny WITH a hole in it hopeless romantic. So that is and will forever be my opinion.

I always wanted a title. You can't give it to me but still wanna be with me??? Cockblockin... Relationships are definitely simple, hard work but simple. People just don't wanna put in the work, period.

I know I talk a lot of shit about relationships and I'm very opinionated but I do truly understand that not everyone is like me. When I met a guy and was looking for a boyfriend, I told him cuz I had nothing to lose. When I had been with my BF long enough and was tired of 'playin house' I told him I was ready to get married cuz I had nothing to lose. Fuck the dumb shit, go for what you want because the worst case scenario isn't THAT bad. If you like that non-title shit that's great too. You like it I love it....


If you're not following @SeasonSays on twitter, now you know what you have been missing.

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Assertive Wit said...

being in a "relationship" without having a title is tantamount to cockblocking LOL I DEFINITELY agree with that.

Following you on Twitter now :) I'm @LVsMommy

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