Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've hit a wall and haven't had much to blog about. Mostly its because I've been doing a lot of self reflection and no dating so there's no material for me to share. Contrary to popular belief I do keep some things to myself. I have borrowed a post from my group blog to keep you entertained. I have SO much to say on the subject of titles but I will save them for later. Enjoy!

I know I wrote a post last week about a Relationship Undefined and went on about how ridiculous it was and even shared my personal encounter with such a relationship. BUT after I had a mini debate with Silent I realized I am one of those people who wants a relationship similar to that. *Pause* Let me pled my case.

I do not like titles anymore
-No I'm not one of those women who have been so hurt by men that I have vowed to never marry. I just don't believe in the "girlfriend/boyfriend" title. I mean it’s not official we don't sign a girlfriend/boyfriend license. It’s merely a social norm that everyone thinks believes is a prerequisite for marriage.

People get in your business-I’m a very private person and with a relationship I'm no different. Once you make it "official" that's when the drama begins, you have people who want to gossip about who, what, where, and why your relationship won't work. And then you have the men and mostly women who want to test how strong your relationship is, i.e. heffas trying to mess with your man.

I like Freedom-I am an Aquarius and we do not like to feel tied down. And if we start to feel like the girlfriend/boyfriend title has us hogged tied we will rebel in one way or another.

Any Questions? Yes, I'm sure you have them. This is what I want from my future, “Non-Boyfriend.”

Dear future Non-Boyfriend,

We've been seeing each other for a few months now and things are starting to get serious. And before you ask me to be your girlfriend, don't. If we are to make this work, this is all I ask; don't sleep with anyone else (including any other sexual contact) , and don't lie to me. That's it. I really like you and if you can meet both of those requirements then you have made a commitment to me. However, if you break either of those commitments we are done.

Yours Truly,


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