Monday, December 29, 2014

So I'm 30

I turned 30 last month and I've been trying to figure out what I could blog about in celebration of this milestone in my life. My original post was rather short so I decided to expand: Yes, I'm old and its freaking awesome. I figured that was a little too blunt and to the point, kind of like me but I knew I could say a little more.

Professionally I am exactly where I want to be.  I love what I'm doing and I see a long fulfilling career in higher education. Perks like getting 2 paid weeks off during the winter break and short Fridays in the summer are fabulous but working closely with students who are at the pinnacle of their lives is the most rewarding part.  While I was more than excited to be done with my program last year I can't say for sure I'm done with school. I'll just say for now I am taking an extended break.

Culturally I have been investing heavily in the economy by supporting jobs in the US and contributing to domestic tax revenue aka I travel a lot. I spend less money on things (although I still love a good sale) and more money on memories. This year alone I visited 5 different countries: Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Amsterdam, Belgium and France. The goal is to continue to expand my mind by traveling for as long as there is life in my body. Knowing of course that at some point I'll need to slow down but it will always be a hobby of mine. I'm happy to be in a place to enjoy the fruits of my hard labor.

In terms of health, I still run. Not as frequently as I would like sometimes but its still a part of my life. Instead of several races a year I now participate in a few throughout the year. I have a half-marathon coming up in January and I've kind of been training. It's definitely time for me to find a new health related hobby. I run, I know I can run, time to switch it up a bit. Whatever I choose will be a financial commitment so I just need to wrap my mind about that.

Also related to my health is cooking. I swear I'm getting really good. I would give my current skills a B-. I'm no chef but I can make more than spaghetti, burgers and fried chicken. During most weeks, I cook all my meals for work so I know exactly what's going into my body.

Now the good stuff, personally the end of this year has been the longest I haven't been working towards a relationship with a man. My phone is so silent since I spend less time entertaining men I don't mesh with.  My blogger name, 'Silent Scorpion' is starting to take on a new meaning. But after thinking about it, it just makes sense. I've done all the dating I need to do to know exactly who I am and what I do and don't want.  Sometimes it gets lonely having the most silent phone on the planet but I genuinely enjoy laying low and being alone. No I don't plan on having a ceremony to marry myself. It's not that serious.  I love being in a relationship, I love being the doting, caring, thoughtful partner. It's so nice to have someone who also wants the same for you but that's not where I am right now.

On the other hand, I've developed deeper relationships with some of my old friends but I've also added some new friends. Drake was wrong, new friends are great.

[Insert all encompassing ending paragraph...its midnight in LA and I'm going to bed]

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