Monday, February 10, 2014

Still Kissing Frogs

The most annoying thing about being a single woman and dating at 29 is everyone's assumption that I want to marry every frog I kiss. I know, my clock is ticking right? I will be 30 years old this year so I should no longer worry myself with falling in love with a guy before falling in love with idea of my dream wedding. Truth be told, I would rather forego an expensive ceremony all together. Please don't tell my friends this piece of information, they might all lose it. For me, the idea of getting married at a courthouse and buying a home with my spouse is my dream. But hey, I must kiss a few frogs before I can have that discussion with a suitor.

Since I am aging, I shouldn't be wasting my time with men who I enjoy spending time with if I don't see myself as their long-term spouse. Forget love, my eggs are about to be washed up once November comes. The luxury of getting to know, like and love suitors one day at a time has passed. Its time I settle for what's in front of me instead of waiting for passion I've had before. As we all know, my value as a woman decreases each year I am without a husband. My academic and professional accomplishments mean nothing if I do not have MRS. in front of my name.

I guess I am not like most women my age in that regard. I am in no hurry to marry. I don't want to just marry any man willing. If I were, I'd be married. There have been suitors I could have married and who would have been happy with me. I could have been comfortable and in a committed relationship. Anyone who knows me knows these two things, family is my number one priority and I need passion. Passion is something that I can't describe, it's either in a relationship or its not. I either get excited and nervous when I see a name or I get, eehh nothing.

I've been seeing a guy for several weeks now and he's awesome. He matches my awesome. I waited on telling friends about him because I knew what their reaction would be. Finally! The ever so single Silent Scorpion Serial Dater has met one man she likes. I had one friend mention how optimistic she was that I could bring him as my date to her wedding. (Her wedding is in October.) Because you know, what would I look like coming to a wedding of a dear friend without someone to boogie with. What kind of fabulous, secure and confidant woman show's up to a wedding with a room full of unhappy and happy couples alike, alone.

While the idea of my current feelings lasting over the course of several months is exciting, the pressure to do so is also a little overwhelming.

God forbid my feelings change for this guy or his change for me in the next several months because then I'll be a 30 year old woman, still kissing frogs....

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Kristin Howell said...

I feel what you are saying. I am 30 and not yet married. I am seeing someone and I would like to get married but it's not something that anyone should rush into.

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