Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mindy is my best friend in my head...and kindle

Today was Day 3 of my modified modified Daniel Fast. That's a lot of modification but I'm committed to the modifications I made. I should be spending this time praying more and devoting more time to studying my bible but I feel like most of my idle time is spent imagining all of the awesome things I'm missing out on without social media in my life. That is a terrible thing to admit but sorry, I'm not sorry, it's the truth! (Hold on, let me pray)

[insert personal prayer I cannot share on public personal anonymous but not anonymous blog]

Although Sunday was a bit difficult due to my belief that in order to be a good friend, I occasionally must participate in things I have no interest in, I believe this year's fast is going well. I spent Sunday surrounded by so much light skin my eyes hurt. Apparently, Kappas had their founders day event in a small venue and every member who ever pledged showed up. Wait, it sounds like I'm complaining. I am not complaining at all. Because with Kappas, come beautiful polished clear (yes I said clear) well dressed men. Not really my type but they are nice to look at. Also, the game was on and so you know, I was entertained. All I had to do was throw on my obnoxious outdoor shades* indoors and watch my Chargers win! Let me revel in our win for a moment because we normally lose after this round.

Another California team who's name does deserve to be mentioned on my blog also won their game so, go Cali.

Aside from returning to my regular life known as my 9 to not really 5, usually much after 6, I have spent my evenings engulfed in Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). While I wait on my old school hard copy of Americanah to arrive, I needed something to hold me over in the interim and this book is perfect. Well, I'm reading it on my kindle so I am not sure I can call this a book still, can I? I am going to say that I can. After reading halfway through this book I would like to announce that Mindy is my best friend in my head. Not to be confused with my real life best friends who would be shocked to hear me say such a thing. She is hilarious, witty and sarcastic as hell...ahhh I love Mindy. Her streaming random thoughts were nicely packaged and sent to my brand new Kindle HD for consumption.

There really is no point to this post other than to a. point out that I have a new Kindle Fire HD. b. I needed some type of connection to the outside world even though no one ever comments. c. I have something to remind myself why I pray, so that I don't end up writing a 200+ word compilation of would be tweets and Facebook updates.

Alright, back to praying and reading I go.


*I didn't actually wear my shades inside. I hate when people do that. 
*Namaste is a common spoken valediction originating in the Indian subcontinent. See what I did there. Mindy is Indian.

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