Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Where I Want To Be

There were several things I promised myself before I moved to New York.

1. I would find an awesome apartment - I've had two with their share of issues.

2. I would get all A's at least one semester - I can proudly say that last semester was my second semester achieving all A's.

3. I would get a job the second semester of my first year - I wasn't able to secure a paying job during the spring semester last year, however, I did land 3 jobs during the summer of 2012. All of which have become very lucrative and have afforded me a much better lifestyle than my first year in New York. While I am not "balling" I was able to pay for my own ticket home to visit my nephew and family. And I was able to achieve goal #4...

4. I would study abroad....

Considering how poor I was my first year in New York, promising myself that I would leave the country several months later was ambitious to say the least. But here I am, laying in my bed in Buenos Aires, Argentina (after spending five days in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). I am living proof that not only can dreams become reality but that hard work pays off. Insert several other cliches because they perfectly reflect where I am. I am exactly where I said I wanted to be.

I love this feeling!

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