Monday, December 14, 2009

Take Notes: How to Cheat

I copied the following from a friends, friends' facebook page. Enjoy.

The following is a text from the girlfriend of a nigga that doesn't know the rules and how to handle his business to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Nay:

Yo____ I was tryin to be nice before and woulda figured that you have stopped cause right now ur disrespectin and i really don't appreciate that

Guys, if you insist on stepping out on your girl, please know that there are rules to this shit. If you follow the rules, everyone remains happy and no one (particularly you or your girl) gets hurt, because the chick on the side really doesn't give a fuck.

So here we go!


If you're going out/spending the night with your sidepiece, call your girlfriend first. Spend atleast half an hour on the phone with her, and before you're about to get off the phone, kick some bullshit to her like,
"So you might not hear from me later because me, Craig an them are going to get drunk, and you know how I get with all that Hennessy/E&J (insert the Cognac of your choice) in my system. I might even sleep over at Craig's house if I'm too drunk, so don't be mad if I'm not able to talk to you later. "
Top that off with two sincere "I love you's" and you're good to go. Do not stray from this script.
If you say "Ok?" at the end, it leaves you open for questioning. You don't want that, right?

Vibrate, Vibrate, Vibrate ! This is key. When in the company of your girl (and sometimes your sidepiece because a lot of them don't know their places) keep your phone on vibrate always. Don't turn it off, that only raises suspicion. The ringer for your text messages should also vibrate. I highly doubt either chick will ask you why your phone isn't ringing. If she does, tell her something nice like,
"I don't want to be bothered when I'm chillin with you".
If the sidepiece asks you, tell that bitch to know her place.

Text Messages , Picture Mail, and VoicemailC'lawdhammercy, majority of you men don't know the first thing about this one. View/listen then DELETE . Or, if you have time, beat, then DELETE (bwahahaha), but always, what? Delete!!

Sex and Your Living Quaters:

Sidepiece spends time in only two areas, the bedroom and the bathroom. There's no need to be in the kitchen or anywhere else, right? (Please reserve kitchen sex for wifey. Some things should be left sacred, yknow?)So!


Have one set of sheets that you only use with your sidepiece. Assuming that you have sense and are calculating the times spent with sidepiece your bed should be made up for that ahead of time. As soon as you bring sidepiece home (or when she takes her damnself home) take off those sheets and put them in the washing machine. If you don't have access to wash clothes when you want to, get a special laundry bag and put them in there, and stuff that waaaaay in the back of your closet until you're able to wash.


Whatever you wore while you were kicking it with Sidepiece, wash it. Makeup and perfume are a dead give away. Wash clothes immediately, or wrap it inside of your Sidepiece Sheets. Don't throw it on top .If your girl stumbles upon it, you're fucked, and it looks like you're hiding something.


Clean your bathroom throughly, even if sidepiece didn't shower or spend significant amount of time. If you're unable to give it a good cleaning, sweep and empty the trash. Here's why. I'm about 99% sure that Sidepeice was in there combing her hair. Hair sheds. Especially if you're dealing with a chick with a weave. All women know their own hair, even if it's not their own, per se. Do not let Sidepiece use your comb or brush either. Hair is a dead giveaway.

Other Things You Should Never Do

Never start an arguement with your main to go kick it w/ your sidedish. It's 2009, and all of us ladies know that when you start arguements it's because you're trying to get away from us.

If you get caught, always ask, "What led you to believe this?"
-If she's going off of her intuition, chances are you can lie (even though ya'll suck at lying) your way out of it.
-If she's going off of proof, just fess up, apologize, and do all that you can to make it up to her.
-If you've fucked up royally, tuck your tail between your legs, accept that you fucked up, and move on.

If you're lucky enough to be reading this before you've gotten in too deep with your girlfriend, but you know you plan on cheating on that ass anyway, don't always answer the phone. Let her know from the door you ain't really into phone convos like that, this way if you're one of those niggas that trick on hos and take them out, you don't have to run and answer her call all the time.

I think that's it.

And to my girls-- don't be mad at me. I didn't make any of this up, I learned it simply from watching and observing the niggas that I've dealt with. Always watch for the ones who are smart, handsome, and charming. They are the ones that know the rules and play them to a T!
Now that I've blessed you with all this information, everyone, step your game up!


12kyle said...

I'm gonna cut and paste and email this to my boy Tiger Woods. He could use this. LOL

Seriously, this is funny but informative. I'm married but I peep the women who try to holla at me on the low. It's flattering but I can't waste my time. That's why women are so good...they think 2 steps ahead of us. And general...are sloppy when it comes to cheating. Cell phones and emails aren't "playa friendly" forms of technology. LOL

Good post

Mr. Fantastic said...

The crazy thing is, I read in another blog that the only reason men get caught more often is because the side piece starts feeling some type of way about being the side piece and decides to blow up the spot. As if my girl was the reason you were the side piece to begin with. In general, you are a side piece because you are not a meal. I won't get with you just because I broke up with my girl.

But I digress. If the side piece is self-realized and content in her position, it is much less likely that a man would get caught. Men don't feel like its necessary to blow up women like that because in some aspect, its the man proclaiming he is jealous of the next man. And that's not what's hot in the streets.

Youngbuck said...

Yo good post. I think its pretty much on point. I recently turned in my players card but from my experiences this sounds about right.

Reecie said...

Woooow...if my man ever cheats and I found out he took this advice, I'm hunting that bitch down and kicking her ass myself!

If you want to give someone advice on how to cheat, that's your stupidity. Obviously the bitch doesn't mind getting cheated on BUT...don't have the nerve to present it is as "follow this and nobody gets hurt". As hard as it is to believe, there are still women out there who have dignity, and self-esteem who don't want to be cheated on.

And the funny thing is if men put the amount of energy they put into following these rules into their relationship then they would probably end up more fulfilled. Plus if you need to do all that to begin with then you don't need to be with your girlfriend.

Mr. Fantastic said...

The funniest thing is, if a girl REALLY doesn't want to be cheated on, she probably isn't. That's because she's making every effort possible to make that man happy.

The fact is, most women SAY they don't want their man to cheat, but create this laundry list of shit they won't do for their man, no matter how happy it would make them.

While I can agree that its best to break it off than to cheat, not all men (or women for that matter) are willing to do that. That would make too much sense, now wouldn't it.

Now the question is, does your man have a reason to cheat? You should read the post above this one.....

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