Monday, September 29, 2008

Confessions of a Textaholoic (Part 1)

So I kept pretty low key this weekend. Besides the hilarious Speed Dating adventure of Saturday, my weekend was pretty calm. Dallas was out of town with the family so I had no male attention planned for the weekend. I spent yesterday travelling though Inglewood with Bria and Antonio in search of something to do on a Sunday night. We acted like tourist the entire night; we had no real final destination and a car full of gas, ready to burn. The afternoon began with us watching Sunday night football at my house. Well, myself and Antonio watched, Bria mostly talked. She really isn’t that into sports. At some point we decide to watch a movie but never quite make it there.

By the end of the night we have journeyed to LA to Antonio’s cousins house, WingStop, back to my house, halfway to Lucky Strike Bowling Alley and finally to Bria’s house. We chilled there for a while before heading to Club Friday’s later that night.

Now Friday’s isn’t really a club, it’s a chain of restaurants. But this Friday’s is not your ordinary Friday’s. At night time it’s a flat out meat market, with poor customer service and over cooked food. The women come to find guys to buy them drinks and the guys come hoping they can impress a girl with the little money they just saved from their last pay check. Normally, I wouldn’t be caught dead in this place, but Antonio had a craving for their Jack Daniels chicken breast and his harem (myself, Bria and Melanie who we kidnapped) was willing to oblige. This is not to be confused with Club 24 Hour Fitness, which happens to be owned by the same famous ex-basketball player and has the exact same atmosphere.

Before we left, I had gotten a text from Dallas asking me how I was. This was the first time I had heard from him since he left for home. I didn’t have time to reply since I was on my way out the door and I was the driver for the evening. Before 10 minutes had passed, he was asking if I was alive. I laughed as we walked in. Why was he all of a sudden so concerned with my well being? I hadn’t heard from him all weekend and it didn’t phase me.

When we are finally settled I respond. “I’m good, how was the weekend with the family?” We begin a conversation through text just catching up on the days missed. In every message there is a compliment, which I don’t really take notice of. I know guys say exactly what a girl wants so I pay him no mind, but at the same time I am enjoying the attention. Somehow our nice texts turn into R-rated messages. I am completely caught off guard and I stop replying. He asks if something is wrong…

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Stephanie said...

i heart dallas already!!!! lol

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