Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ladies, Don't Offer To Pay

Guy meets girl.
Girl thinks guy is cute.
Guy asks for number. Texts and BBM's (I still have a blackberry so don't hate) are exchanged.
Girl waits for guy to pick up the phone and call.
Guy continues texting and BBM'ing (this is the girls fault, demand what you want or just call yourself, duh).
Girl and Guy go on two dates that Guy doesn't hesitate to pay for.
Girl appreciates guy, and plans to pay for next date.

On the third** date, Girl and Guy have finished eating at Red Rooster (Big ups to Harlem!) when the check comes.
Girl offers to pay.
Guy declines offer.
Girl offers again.
Guy let's her pay.


I know why women offer, I do understand the logic. Women like to play many games when dating, so they test his interest level. A lot of women will use this as an opportunity to gauge his interest. Fellas if you didn't do well on the preSAT's, don't go out with her again, this is only the beginning.

If you accept the first offer of letting your lady friend pay, she will immediately call all her friends and black ball you. Never to return your call.

If you accept the second offer, she will always remember the moment you let her pay for third date. She may continue to date you, but she will never forget. Women never forget. In 6 months you'll be fighting about why she didn't tell you she was going out with a male friend, she will yell back, "What about the time you let me pay for our third date at Red Rooster."

If you decline both offers and insist on paying, she will take off her underwear at the restaurant and give you the biz in the car. (Note: Only a proper lady could covertly maneuver this trick without skipping a bit, so only date proper ladies.)

If there is one thing I don't do on dates anymore is offer to pay. If I decide I'm paying for a date I'm swift. I know the bill is coming at the end of dinner (or at the movies, bowling, fishing, whatever) so my credit card is in my hand. When the bill comes, I quickly pick it up, place my card in it and hand it back to the waitress. This seems to catch most men off guard. Why?

Because I didn't offer. If we made it to the third date, I'm genuinely interested in getting to know you. I'm enjoying your company. So I see nothing wrong with picking up the check.

Fellas, would you be turned off by a woman who paid for a date without asking. (This is a serious question because sometimes I feel like I'm a bit pushy.) Ladies, do you offer or do you just pay? Am I the only one strong arming checks?

**Three is my lucky number. Three times is a charm right. This is perfectly logically reasoning if I do say so myself.**


Tunde said...

interesting post. i feel like the first 3 or so dates a man should pay regardless. if a woman offered to pay on a first date (whether it was her idea or not) i would be offended. now if later on down the line a woman decided that she wanted to treat me i wouldn't have a problem with it. i could pay her back in other ways. lol

Empress Dege said...

I like this one.. I don't offer to pay at all. The 3rd date sounds reasonable for a lady to pay and I like how you put this.

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