Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LAZING DATING 2011: My first 30 days

This year seems to be the year of the lazy ass men. In the past 30 days I have met so many men who have no problem telling me they don't plan on putting forth any effort in getting to know me. This has resulted in me going on zero dates thus far.

Guy 1: During our first textersation (Oh how I loathe these), this guy asks me to send him a pic. I was going to give this guy a break, considering I didn't remember what he looked like either since we met when I was leaving the club. But, I asked him to send me one too and he said his phone doesn't take pics. I stopped replying soon after. Then he hit me the next day, "So you really not gonna send me a pic." To which I didn't reply.

Guy 2: This guy offered to cook for me for our first date. First he suggested happy hour, but because it was during one of my fasts, he said that he could cook me up something a lot healthier. I know he was testing me, I just don't have any desire to play that game right now. OK wait, there was nothing wrong with him or his approach. I just wasn't interested.

Guy 3: This was yet another textersation. (I've just been too lazy to demand or make a phone call.) I had a guy tell me I had to work up to a dinner date. [insert loud obnoxious laughter and then *blank stare*] His first attempt at planning (I use that word very loosely) a date was to offer a DVD and pizza date. I told him that I don't feel comfortable going to any man's house that I didn't know. He then replied, "I don't just go giving out dinner dates. You have to work up to those." After confirming that was he was serious, I replied with the following: "That's really cute but I don't need to work up to anything. Good luck with trying that line on some other girl. No need in texting me any further."

Guy 4: I had had a few phone conversations with this guy and he seemed cool enough. I gave him a few suggestions on different nights and for each them he already had plans. Instead of requesting one on one time, he continually invited me on outings with his friends, for example: "Meet me at [club I would never go to]. I really want to see you." My homeboy told me this is his thought process. " He’s thinking, she’s hot and I want to show her off. His friends will be thinking he’s gonna hit later on and if she is crazy, he won’t care." I wasn't interested and was tired of being the one trying to see him one on one.

*In my defense, I did offer alternatives to most of these guys. I haven't met anyone that has captivated me enough to leave Sir Trundle (my bed), get dressed, and go anywhere. No dates so far in 2011.


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Kate said...

guy number 3: this one made me laugh. especially your response!! =]

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