Friday, January 22, 2010

In My Inbox

4:04pm Guy: Can I call you later

I received this message from a guy I had met 3 days earlier. (Strike 1, why did it take him 3 days to contact me.) That 3 day rule is for kids, not adults. This message sounds innocent enough for most but it’s really loaded. If you haven’t noticed thus far, I require the men I date to have unapologetic confidence and an inflated sense of self. This message shows me he has neither. Instead of just calling when he was available, he sent me a text message to make sure I was still interested. Hello!! He was fine as hell; of course I’m going to answer. I never replied.

A few days later, he did call and actually left a voicemail. A few rounds of phone tag ensued until neither of us cared to respond.

----now I'm just being overly analytical for fun...

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