Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Didn't Get The Job

I never not got a job I interviewed for. Does that sentence even make grammatical sense? I'm not sure but I think you can certainly get my point. For every position I have ever interviewed for, I was called back for additional interviews and eventually offered a position. This has always been the case. Until, it wasn't.

A couple weeks ago I applied for an Associate Director position. While the move up is a bit premature to some, I'm always up for a professional challenge. I am not yet feeling completely stagnate in my current position but I was intrigued by the posting and decided to apply. I told myself, self (yes, I refer to myself as self) if you get this awesome position, wouldn't that be awesome. My bank account immediately interrupted and said yes ma'am, it surely would.

So I applied.

I was immediately called for an interview.

I interviewed with a panel.

The interview went pretty well. I knew it even though I picked myself apart after.

I was called back the same day for another interview later in the week.

I interviewed with another panel.

The interview was not all. It was the coldest interview I've ever had. I just didn't click with the two old white men I met with.  Not because they were old and white but because I just wasn't feeling the energy. I knew as soon as I walked out of the room that I did not in fact get the position. However, I wasn't at all disappointed. While the position itself would have been awesome, I don't think I would have fit in well with the culture of the office. And after quieting my chatty bank account voice in my head, I walked into work. I almost gave my current supervisor a hug when I got to my office. She smiled as soon as I got to the office and welcomed me the same way she always does. A way that normally would make me wish she would take a chill pill. But on that day, it was comforting. Will I keep looking for another promotional opportunity? Absolutely!

But for now, it's okay I didn't get the job.

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