Monday, October 1, 2012

In Search of a Spiritual Home

Ever since I moved to New York, I’ve found myself unsuccessfully searching for an east coast spiritual home.  I’m not sure if it’s because I love my church so much or that I am honestly not ready to add a 2-hour service plus commute to my Sunday mornings. My schedule is already jam packed with work, training and school but I feel this is something that I need to make time for. There is something about having a place to release all of the negative energy placed in my path during a 7-day period that is uplifting and rewarding.

Unfortunately, yesterday’s experience was nothing I plan on repeating. The pastor was far from charismatic, the audience reminded me of an Arsenio Hall studio with their incessant “woot, woot, woot,” and the 4-person choir did not make me feel like getting out of my sit and shouting His name. No sir, that was not my cup of tea.

I know once I find what I’m looking for, I will be that much more excited about Sunday mornings. I will continue to enter each new service with an open heart and mind. I pray that I find what it is I’m looking for soon because after attending 6 different services and wanting to leave midway through most of them, I need a place to call my east coast spiritual home. I'm open to suggestions by the way, so if anyone knows of a church in Harlem that skips the hoopla and delivers the word in a captivating way drop me a note in the comment section.

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